About Albafruit

Our History

In the South West of France, the Tarn and Garonne rivers flow in the Occitania region. Both rivers created an unparalleled fertile and rich landscape, rooting for centuries now a strong agricultural tradition known throughout Europe.

Albafruit’s plantations dates back to 1950 and since then has dedicated its efforts in growing fruits with the respect and care for the land and soil, guaranteeing the standard of its products.

The knowledge inherited from three generations of experience has allowed Albafruit to reach new horizons with its clients, always under the highest standards and professionalism.

Delivering Freshness since 1994

Each year, with our 160 hectares of crops, and alongside our partners, we grow more than 15.000 tons of apple and 300 tons of kiwi in our plantations. The renewed facilities allow us to calibrate, pack and dispatch over 100 tons of fruit per day.

Albafruit’s vocation, with a team that takes care of the fruit in each stage, so that only the best gets to our clients.


Is the perfect combination between technology, passion and expertise that make Albafruit an efficient provider of the best quality fruit in different parts of the world. 

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